The Popular Front for the Liberation of the C.P.S.A

report received from Agent Headbanger





Mr Serwotka and Mr PRENTIS the new General Secretary at UNISON have been testing one anothers Lefty credentials. I hear that Mr Prentis took the piss greatly over Serwotka's discomfort regarding his pay. He said something along the lines of "why make stupid promises you can't keep just to get elected. I don't!". Serwotka's face went redder than a Trot flag!

The real talking however would appear to be taking place in Scotland under the auspices of Eddie Reilly (you remember him - see McCanngate). A Memorandum Of Understanding is being prepared to avoid the potential for membership competition in the Scottish Parliament. UNISON have argued that the Scottish Parliament is simply another layer of Local Government and therefore employees should be members of UNISON. The suggestion that Scotland Parliament is just a large town Council somewhat perturbed our Eddie, he being a staunch supporter of an independent Scotland.

The strategy now is for the two unions to be brought together closer and closer and for a merger document to be put before the members just before the elections of GSs are due in four years time. The document would contain proposals for a joint general secretaryship for three years pending a new election, thus giving both general secretaries an extra three years in charge. The UNISON leadership are planning for a radical overhaul of the union structure to severely curtail the power of the Trots in local government as part of the run up to the merger. This will test Serwotka's credentials as many of those who will be attacked are former comrades of the Trot micro sect to which Marek belongs.