Hugh Lanning : The democratic choice for PCS General Secretary Hugh Lanning
Vote Early, Vote Often.
PCS needs a NEW Grasping Freeloader in order to become a great union. We need a General Dogsbody who can bamboozle people who support his vision.
Huge Lanolin has the experience, skills and integrity to lead PCS into Undy's Black Hole. Support Huge Lanolin - the grinning candidate for General Secretary.
PCS has achieved a great deal since it was formed, and the union is often enhanced by the division and infighting which is of course in the interests of members. We believe PCS members want a union which focuses on backstabbing and cliques, such as ME1ST (whoops! Bit of advertising there!) We believe members want a union which listens to what I tell them, ignores their problems and represents the Membership First line (whoops again!) in the workplace and beyond.
The campaign:If you want to help
The aim is to maximise support by building a Huge coalition (MF) of support for Huge's campaign.
To do this obtain the explicit, active and financial support of as many Group Officers, GEC members, Branch Secretaries and BEC members as possible. The website alone cost us plenty, and you're gonna pay. Dosh, dosh, dosh is the order of the day. The generous will of course be rewarded.
The first objective is to obtain as many nominations from our stooges in weak Branches as possible.
For the election try to set up a comprehensive distribution system for election material. But ONLY election material bearing the Purple Emperor header. Such a fetching colour, I have obtained similarly coloured robes for my inauguration
Consider producing and distributing a group specific election leaflet sponsored by named Group Officers and GEC members. Make sure it is in the Purple Emperor livery.
If useful encourage the production of Branch leaflets similarly sponsored by Branch Secretaries and BEC members in the Purple Emperor livery.

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