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Round & About

By Judas Iscariot - APRIL 2019



There's a long, long trail a-winding into the land of my dreams,

Where the nightingales are singing and the white moon beams.


Back in ye olden days, the run-up to conference was the scene of frenzied horse-trading, back-stabbing and double-dealing by the bagmen of the factions that pretend to represent us throughout the rest of the year scrabble around for those precious votes that decide who will get that juicy full-time post, and who will keep a coveted seat on the NEC for another year. 


Few even bother to read the election addresses these days, let alone view the rubbish on the faction websites, which rise from the dead like Lazarus year after year to regale us with the fake news about the chosen few lucky enough to be on their slate in 2019.


Even the AGS race has failed to arouse any interest in the trenches despite the high drama triggered when JANICE GODRICH beat CHRIS BAUGH to win the LEFT UNITY nomination for AGS and then dropped out the next day on “health grounds”. At the time there was some speculation about a darker motive behind JANICE’s departure. Sadly we understand that she has, indeed, suffered from a catastrophic nervous collapse that forced her to stand down and retire, possibly forever, from union politics. We personally wish her well and hope for a speedy recovery. However, she was still able to launch her SOCIALIST VIEW faction from her sick-bed although it has since died after the attempt to block BOFF with support for STELLA DENNIS at the LUNITY rerun failed.


FRAN HEATHCOTE the Acting President will receive the formal accolade in May, assuming she wins the election, but whether LEON BAUGH gets a fourth term as AGS in another matter altogether. Though he can rely on the former MENDICANTS who now call themselves the SOCIALIST PARTY (SP) to mobilise the core LUNITY vote he’s facing a serious challenge from the INDEPENDENT LEFT’s  JOHN MALONEY and MARK SERWOTKA’s favoured candidate, LYNN HENDERSON, the National Officer for Scotland & Ireland, who was once a protégé of the late EDDIE REILLY, the icon of the high-caste’s old SECRET LEFT.


MORONEY, an ALLIANCE for WANKERS LIBERTY old-timer, is wooing the wider constituency with a popularist appeal for an end to the supposed high-life enjoyed by those on top full-timer wages and a fighting union run by the rank-and-file. Whether TROTSKY’s INDEPENDENT TRADERS can break the apathy at grass-roots level is open to question, although he did come reasonably close to unseating BAUGH at the last AGS election.


Ms HENDERSON’s problem is that she’s barely known south of the border beyond the ranks of the readership of the MORNING STAR, which is hardly legion in PCS.  She’s been endorsed by the SOCIALIST WANKERS, and she can count on the PCS DEMOCRATS, whose campaigning consists entirely of the odd phone-call at AGM time while her campaign is focused on a professional website and the hope that the support our great and glorious leader will swing large numbers in her favour.  Maybe it will, because MAREK can count on most, if not all, of the grandees at FALCONCREST to back her.


It is nevertheless interesting to note that there is a motion tabled for National Conference this year to restrict nominations to senior elected positions, like the GS & AGS, to members of PCS or the incumbent officer (at the moment senior full-timers are represented by a different union). While the intention is to exclude LYNN HENDERSON, who is a PCS employee but not a member of our union, from standing for high office at a future date, it has no bearing on what happens now. While this motion will probably be X marked it would achieve nothing even if it were carried. It can easily be bypassed as anyone can be in any union, and indeed as many unions, as they like these days (courtesy of the THATCHER ‘reforms’ that ended the BRIDLINGTON AGREEMENT).


The SOCIALIST PARTY is deeply divided. Mme GODRICH and some of her close advisers like JOHN McINALLY burnt their bridges when they decided to openly dump BOFF. At the same time, it’s very clear, looking at the election addresses, that the SP candidates are not supporting the full Democracy Alliance slate, but just handpicking their own candidates + BOFF. Democracy Alliance candidates are supporting the DA slate (which includes BOFF as AGS) but not many of them mention him by name.


Some biggies, like BIG MAC, are openly backing Ms HENDERSON. KEVIN McHUGH recommended members voteBOFFY in his election statement but when questioned on the PCS Members FB page whether he would vote for BOFF, he said he would vote for the DA slate. When challenged he repeated he will vote for the DA list but, but does this really mean ALL of them? We can all adopt a slate then pick and choose from it. BOFF’s camp believes this is just sophistry and that other LUNITY candidates who didn’t actually name poor old CHRIS in their election addresses will be voting for Ms HENDERSON.

Remember when first elected MARK said he’d only take an EO wage and donate the rest of his salary to the union? He made small donations over the first couple of years amounting to about £2000. He also got substantial relocation expenses on moving to the London area, more expensive than Rotherham, (see PFL passim). Mark originally bought a modest 3 bed property (PCS even bought the curtains) but soon upgraded to a detached 4 bedroom mansion in fashionable Coulsden, Surrey. BOFF made the same promise about donation of wages. He did make a single donation £200 which is recorded in ancient PCS accounts. Moloney has aslo pledged to take an EO wage and donate the rest to the PCS fighting fund. We shall see. Funny how humongous salaries skew ideology. Innit.


Whoever wins, the fallout will be massive. If BOFF gets it, Mark will be gone within months, he’s already moved back to his Mansion and Estate in Wales bought by the members subs, and works from home or commutes on occasion. It's more central to the oppressed people than London, boyo, and a better chance of landing a Labour MP seat in the next GE with his slogan "Mae fy hofrenfad yn llawn llyswennod!".


If HENDERSON is elected - Campaign slogan "Tha mo thruaighe-mara làn easgannan!", MAREK will hang on a bit longer. If MALONEY is elected, who knows? They’re the same end of the political spectrum but our great and glorious leader sold out and joined Labour. One thing is certain -- the AGS election is going to be a very close contest indeed. And the fallout might not be pretty, we’ll see you at Conference to discuss.



Treason doth never prosper? What's the Reason?

for if it prosper none dare call it treason.


Sir John Harington

 1560 – 1612