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Chaos looms over the DEPUTY GENERAL SECRETARY elections as the factions make ready for the fray. Within the BORED LEFT, the more ultra of the ultra elements, Soggie Oggie and the Carcass, are fuming that the TROT Conference decision to support TERRY ADAMS has been reversed by Mendicant's desire to maintain McVICAR as candidate, many of them threatening abstention as the campaign begins.

The LONDON BORED LEFT meeting held to confirm TED GRUNT's instruction to substitute McVICAR for ADAMS was good fun. SOCIALIST CARCASS boss RED BACON made an emotional (if not tired) protest at MENDICANT's dastardly shenanigans. The CARCASS opposed the proposal to maintain the "integrity and credibility" (sic) of the BORED LEFT, with one inveterate sectarian opposing "just to be awkward". This loony privately congratulated FRANK BONKERS afterwards for having the Jeremy, for once, to swap MENDICANT's candidate before he was elected. (New readers see earlier bulletins and collected speeches of KEVINS RODDY and McWHO [1982 edition]). The SWP were too busy at Wapping to attend the vital Rally. Meanwhile, the BL84 DEM SOC elements are fielding one of their intellectual giants, VERONICA BAYNE, who is standing on a platform of Dynamic Apathy.

On the other hand, the Right Wing Moderates are fielding a close friend of McVICAR, TERRY AINSWORTH, who says he hates the MODS, but needs the support of a faction in order to stand a chance, and moans that if only '84' had known he wanted to run, he would have been their candidate, and might have won. The fact that he told all factions that he was not a candidate, and was appointed DGS (ACTING) as a result, is of course, immaterial.

Meanwhile, the OFFICIAL DEM MOD candidate is of course PAT WOMERSLEY, who is standing as part of her long term aim to destroy everyone who has dared to disagree with her in the past, and so create a climate for an eventual reaction (and we do mean reaction).

PETER "I'm giving up CPSA activity after Conference" DESMOND-THOMAS is standing on the "I want Regional Pay and mine's a small Port and Lemon" ticket. As far as the COLNEY HATCH ticket is concerned, all that can be said is that COUNCILLOR FRANK PEMBERTON is 62.



At conference last year I resigned from the Broad Left group and joined the Moderates. I could have made my move after conference much more quietly but, having made my decision, I decided it should take effect immediately.

I had been most unhappy with the Broad Left for over a year.

I had thought things might improve. Instead, they got worse.

Political in-fighting was rife and the group which, when I joined it, had been motivated by membership interest, began to lurch close to the Far Left.

Its policies ceased to have anything in common with the average member. They were, and still are, dictated by the small political groups which form the Broad Left.

That must he obvious to anyone who has ever attended a Broad Left Conference.

In other words, what they are about has nothing at all to do with what the members want. It has everything to do with what they intend to impose upon them.


Their policies will not benefit the members, but they will instead, if apathy by our members allows them to benefit greatly the political parties they represent.

External political influence within this union is far greater than most people would like to believe.

So, that was why I moved, because I could no longer be a party to policies I did not believe in.

I am deeply grateful to Ray Alderson, the Broad Left organiser, for helping me decide when. He suggested to me at conference that the reason that the Broad Left had not been returned in a majority was because some people had not worked hard enough to achieve their policies.

I suggested to him that the defeat was because members did not like Broad Left policies. He then advised me that "anyone not toeing the line on every single issue next year will have to go, regardless of who they are".

I resigned the following morning, leaving those who are prepared to have their strings pulled by the Broad Left conference behind me.


I joined the Moderate Group because felt that their polices are far more in line with membership interests and because I felt that I could make a contribution there.

I was absolutely right, and have no regrets at all about my decision. This has been by far my happiest year on the NEC because, like the others in the Moderate Group, I am working completely unfettered for the things I believe in.

I do have worries, however, about the membership of CPSA in general, who seem unable to see ahead to the dangers that apathy will bring.

Non-attendance at AGMs and mandating meetings can only result is a moderate branch led by Left-wing officials, supporting at conference Left-wing policies which are detrimental to the members' interest.

This is something we have to change.

We have to create the awareness that democracy in not only having rights, it is expressing them. If we can do that then we have a fine moderate future ahead of us.


I was asked at a meeting recently for my definition of the word 'moderate', and this was my answer. Being moderate in putting membership interest before self-interest, and being motivated by trade union principles and not by party politics. It in fighting for what you believe in, because you know it is what the members want.

That description, as I am sure you will agree, fits the vast majority of CPSA members.

We in the Moderate Group have worked really hard during the past year on your behalf. Obviously, we have not been able, in that short time, to achieve everything we set out to do.

Which is why we need your help in the future.

My move to the Moderate Group was the best I ever made: my only regret in that I didn't join it sooner.

I urge all of you who are concerned for the future of CPSA, and indeed for the future of this country, to join us too.



Broad Left are split between Lever and Coltman

The Broad Left Group in the CPSA has been split right down the middle over their presidential nomination.

As reported in previous issues of Daylight the official candidate Is Communist Party member Peter Coltman but the "Militant" (Marxist Paper for Labour and Youth) faction are backing Len Lever.

The matter has now been discussed at the so-called Broad Left "conference" and the Communists have won she day.

A report in the Morning Star of April 10, notes that Coltman has been reaffirmed as the Broad Left candidate.

This does not, of course, rule out the possibility of a deal being struck between Coltman and Lever which would result in Coltman withdrawing from the race. We will have to wait until the very last moment to see whether Coltman pulls out or not.

The arguments centred around tactics. Although Coltman is regarded by moderates as a hard-line Communist, and therefore just the man for the Stalinist element in the Broad Left, the opportunist Militant group regard Lever as the more popular candidate, and therefore the one to support.

Lever did, indeed get more nominations than Coltman and the deep disagreement in the Left-wing group could result in a split vote - an unusual occurrence for the normally well-disciplined Broad Left.

This is all good news for the CPSA Moderates who are united behind Kate Losinska. Kate, who was ruthlessly ousted from the presidency two years ago because she dared to speak out against the Communists, has now climbed back, and was elected as vice-president at last year's conference.

She is now in a strong position to regain the presidency, but only if we remain united behind her.

Any defection to either Coltman or Lever will be wasted votes, and could prove fatal.


SOC acrobats prepare for conference

When the president opens conference on May 8, be should possibly wear a circus ringmasters uniform.

For, besides she usual wild animal acts (Broad Left and Redder Tape antics), we will be subjected to some breathtaking acrobatics from the standing (upside down) orders committee.

Following the tragic death of Bill Burton, the Left have full control of this committee. The chairman is Ms Oughton and the other members are B. Houston and A. McFadyen.

This has given them the opportunity to juggle with the motions to their hearts content. With the present Moderate NEC coming in for a lot of unwarranted criticism, the SOC appear to have been exploiting their position and placing Left-wing motions of censure at the head of sections.

Needless to say, many motions from Moderate branches have been ruled out of order.

When the election for a junior standing orders member takes place you should vote for Pauline King and rule Ms Oughton out of order.

Some of the standing orders indiscretions are given here, but we cannot give a full list. To do that would require a special bumper edition of Daylight.

*PAY: Once again we have an anti-PR U composite (containing five motions) ahead of a pro-PRU composite containing eight Motions.

Question: Since we decided to keep PRU last year, shouldn't Composite 1 be given a C marking?

*The closed shop: One motion that has been given a C marking is 1059 which asks for a ballot on the issue of a closed shop.

Question: What Is the standing orders committee afraid of? They have consistently refused to allow free discussion on this question. Imagine a closed shop with them in charge!

*Terry Adams: Despite the fact that the NEC composite approving Mr Adams appointment contains no less than 80 motions, the SOC have placed a solitary motion before it.

This of course condemns the NEC (for doing their job?) and praises NEC Left-wing extremists who have associated themselves with Terry Adams Defence Campaign.

*Occupation of Nightingale Lane: Like any good circus, there is an animal act at Brighton this year. Or rather there was at Clapham last year.

This happened wham a pack of ignorant, ill-mannered louts stormed into our Nightingale Lane offices and terrorised the staff.

They pulled telephonists from their seats and used the official telephone to call Gibraltar urging members to reject the agreement.

They also rampaged from top to bottom of the building-turned over the GS and DGS offices. This happening is being investigated but motions saying that this "Witch-hunt" Turn to Page 2

or not because fortunately I only had the front page. (Barrabas)


"Appleton was going to Brighton - how the hell has he wound up in Northern Ireland?" JOHN SHIP


"Is Eddie important in dealing with motions?" RICHARD REGAN
"I'd have been very worried if you'd said yes!" EDDIE PHILLIPS

"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a man 'about the member·s' business" RICHARD REGAN on STEVE APPLETON

"Is that Steve Appleton; I thought it was the great Gonzo." ROY LEWIS

"I'm a fanatical witch-hunter." ROY LEWIS

"I'm careful what I say,Eddie; give us a kiss." JOHN SHIP

"Peter Shilton put in for Standing Orders because he needs the money JOHN SHIP

"Nobody can call me boring when Dave Shepherd's around" ROY LEWIS

"I can't get my erection up" JOHN SHIP

"I can say anything I like so long as I keep talking" STEVE APPLETON

"Marion Chambers is a fucking stupid bitch" STEVE APPLETON

"John Ellis is the General Secretary Erect" STEVE APPLETON "

John Ellis was only in here for a bit" STEVE APPLETON

''Mine was a lot thicker than yours STEVE APPLETON

"There are two big 'M's in this union, and I know which one I'd rather be in." STEVE APPLETON

"I'll give you a kiss if you get off the phone" EDDIE PHILLIPS to STEVE APPLETON

"They get paid, what more do they want" STEVE APPLETON

"One of the Presidential candidates suggested to me that we shouldn't bother with elections, we should decide the Presidency by naked mud wrestling" EDDIE PHILLIPS

"It's all for love and £32.50 a night" JOHN SHIP

"Steves complaining he gets all the long ones and I get all the short ones" JOHN SHIP

"Steve - you are a plonker" PHILLIPS to APPLETON

"Ay Ay! I see this sausage has got a condom!" JOHN SHIP

"You're only here on sufferance" CYNTHIA OUGHTON to WIGLEY
"It actually says that in my contract" RIKI WIGLEY
"That's what you two have got in common - stupidity" RICHARD REGAN to WIGLEY and SHIP

"I like looking at it and lying in it" JOHN SHIP
"Arms against the wall, legs spreadeagled" STEVE APPLETON
"I don't understand at all, and I don't want to understand" EDDIE PHILLIPS

"What's your problem?" WIGLEY to APPLETON
"Just hostility" APPLETON
"Oh! Nothing a good lawyer won't sort out" WIGLEY



"What's the three reasons Serwotka is the worst thing in the world? He's a Welsh, Catholic Trot."

"Steve Ion - the man with cranial gout"

"This rag (Branch journal) accuses us of running a disgraceful witch-hunt in this Branch I take great exception to that - we're running a bloody good witch-hunt!"

"Three years ago Dawn Singer said the situation was fluid in Clwyd - now her successor is telling us it's fucking silly in Caerphilly!"

"Purvis's old man got arrested last week - charged with having an offensive person on his weapon·"

"Shut your gob, you fucking pratt, if you know what's good for you" (to Kevin McWho at an SEC)


Theological Notes No.28

Thoroughly peeved that the victory in the CPSA General Secretary election last year was overturned when leading Moderate Cardinal John Ellis won the re-run poll, the Satanists of CPSA Broad Left are now desperately trying to get Magus John Macreadie elected in this year as Deputy General Secretary.

PFL initiates will remeber how Cardinal Ellis, citing irrefutable evidence compiled by Frankie Torquemada, public relations officer of the Douglas Hyde College for Catholic trade Unionists, declared that sheeps heads had been found outside a voting meeting in DHSS Newcastle Central Office and chicken entrails were discovered in the Union room at Customs & Excise Liverpool. Master Macreadie, it will be recalled, emphatically denied that his supporters played around with old bones and shrivelled goats kidneys, but added that if they did it was alright with him,just the same. The Magus also alleged that the pious cardinal had conned several hundred thousand pounds from Sussex Tories ostensibly for the Moderate cause, but had in fact embezzled it on a luxury Mediterranean cruise last summer.

It is well known however that the Broad Left is a bizarre collection of assorted Satanists. The dominant hermitic order is the Really Satanist Lot (RSL), led by Ipsissimus Edvardius Grant, a veteran Afrikaaner cultist. Its followers have to deny that RSL exists and merely refer to themselves as Mutants. Another magick group is Satan's Willing Partners (SWP), formerly the Infernal Satanists, led by Kantor "Tony Cliff", whose sealed name is Ygaeliu~ GlucI~stein. One other group is the Satanist Carcass, led by Adeptus Rod "Bones" Bacon. This lot have yet to decide whether its ritual should include live sacrifice or whether it should buy ready-jointed spare ribs from Tesco; some of its members are rather squeamish.

These Broad Left satanists are not to be confused with the rival Stalinist sect of Broad Left '84'. Their paths divided in 1984 over whose image should adorn the secret temple.


Great Conversations of our Time

GERALDINE DAVIES (ASST SEC): "Roy, are you a Democratic Moderate?"
ROY LEWIS (spluttering): "Whaat! No I am not!"
GERALDINE: "Oh. You always struck me as being one"
MARTYN JENKINS (interrrupting as usual): "No, he's not left wing enough!"



Quotes Did you see the Company of Wolves? GEORGE WEBSTER
Personally I put it all down to pre-menstrual tension. MARGOT HILL

You must be getting really sick and tired of me by now. ANDY WARD

I want to know where Alasdair got that red lipstick from. MATTHEW FOULSHAM

What the fuck was someone doing carrying an icepick around in Mexico City? PETER SAUNDERS

There was George and Margot getting it together on the floor ALASDAIR STEANE to ROY LEWIS
No wonder he's gone sick. LEWIS to ALASDAIR STEANE

Roy Lewis is in his mid twenties JOHN CONWAY
That man is a nutter. JIM HANSON

Excuse me, while you're there, will you grab my sausage. DAVE JONES to KATH SEXTON

Phil Ashill ought to be bloody well hung! RICHARD JOHANSEN TO LIN HOLLOWAY

The best thing about this claim is that it will never be achieved by negotiation in a thousand years. MARK SERWOTKA

I was always under the impression that TROT was a shortened version of Tommy Rot NICK BARNES

Why did Doreen Purvis vote for a right winger for Deputy National Organiser? ROY LEWIS to MARTYN JENKINS The only oppostion was Jason Sloss so there was no contest JENKINS

I was too old to go to Knebworth JIM HANSON
Have you seen Ray Alderson's haircut? He looks as if he's trying to celebrate his 20th birthday, not his 40th. ROB LEITCH
I've been to several of Micky Duggan's 39th birthday parties JIM HANSON
Doreen Purvis is 45. Martyn Jenkins is 46,54,63. JIM HANSON
I wasn't around for my 30th birthday SANDIE LOCK

Steve Dunk is the sort of man. who goes around with his penis hanging out! ROD BACON
It was a great big red one GEORGE WEBSTER

I had a phallic symbol and chips EDDIE PHILLIPS
I like a nice tart STEVE APPLETON

I'll do it under duress! ALASDAIR STEANE to NEIL BRONKHORST
You can't say that any more, you've got to say condom. BRONKHORST

I haven't the faintest idea about how to produce a campaign leaflet ROB LEITCH

I like old Communists MARGO HILL

I don't care if I win the Section Chair or not. If I lose, I can get on with my private life; I'm not running next year anyway. KEVIN McHUGH

I've analysed Kevin Roddy - he's anal retentive. ROY LEWIS to JIM HANSON
Does that mean he's full of shit? JIM HANSON

The reason why he can't sustain the high profile is he's too busy playing with his organ. JIM HANSON on JOHN BILLOUIN

CPSA is the Beirut of the Trades Union Movement. PETER DESMOND-THOMAS

The last thing I want is to be honest; that would guarantee I'd lose the election. ROB LEITCH
When people are dickheads you have to be honest about it. REG WILLIAMS

It's the same as being a Negotiations Officer,except they pay you more. RALPH GROVES,on his promotion

I'm fairly obnoxious TONY CONWAY

Steve Ion looks like he was told to boil his head and went away and did it. ALDERSON

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. MICKY DUGGAN to RICHARD JOHANSEN

Why the hell should Customs management be querying a phone call to the Soviet Embassy in Bonn? RAY ALDERSON

I love archaicisms, that 's why I'm fascinated by the Militant. ROY LEWIS
Did you know the Broad left had called up Steve Ion as an NEC candidate. That's really scraping the bottom of the barrel. ROY LEWIS to NEIL BRONKHORST
But did they have to use his head to do it BRONKHORST

It's hard to argue against the merger these days. My girlfriend's an SCPS member. PAUL FLEWERS

Martyn Jenkins has had his wisdom teeth taken out. BRONKHORST to PAUL FLEWERS
He should have some put in. FLEWERS

I'm waiting to see Kate Losinska in a BL 84 badge JENKINS

I'll give up drink when Lewis takes up deodorant. ALDERSON

Are they calling for socialism in one Department? DUOGAN,on DHSS Section

You ain't got your acorns up. FLEWERS

Martin Smiff got duffed over by the law at Wappin' when he was nicked. FLEWERS to LEWIS

Don't you worry, we've got a few aces up our hole yet. BACON


L. Coates-Burton is incapable of stringing two sentences together. CHRIS MORON



11 April 1986

Mr. B. Fuge
CPSA Branch Chairman
Department of Health and Social Security
Room 61F
Benton Park Road


215 Balham High Road
London SW17 7BN
Telephone 01-672 1299
Telex 946900


Dear Barry,

NEWCASTLE CENTRAL OFFICE DHSS BRANCH 25/381 - Audit of Branch Accounts 1984 and 1985

Following representations from you to assist in the preparation and audit of the Branch
Accounts for 1984 and 1985, I met with Tom Gee your Branch Treasurer on Thursday and
Friday, 3rd and 4th April 1986.

Preparation of Statements 1984 and 1985

In the investigation of the books and records it became clear that the transactions recorded in the branch books did not in many respects correspond with the amounts drawn f row your bank account and the amounts credited to that account. The Bank Account balances certified by the appropriate bank statements must represent the true position of the branch at each year end, With Tom Gee's assistance it has been possible to make specific adjustments where it was clear that cheques drawn by the branch and amounts charged by the bank for standing orders, interest and commission were not included in the branch's books of account.

What has not been possible is to reconcile amounts paid into the bank which are in excess of the branch books version of income. In 1984 amounts totalling £3,335.13 and in 1985 amounts totalling £1,758.65 have been paid into your account at the Co-operative Bank which are not shown in your branch books; in assembling a closing statement for each of those years, these amounts have been shown as "unrecorded income".

At this point of time it is clearly impossible for Tom Gee to produce any further evidence concerning the accounts for the years under review. There would not appear to be any other measures to take to add to the information available. The Branch Chairman and the EEC must accept the criticism that the basic rules of the Association have not been observed in ensuring that the books are presented at each branch meeting, together with cheque stubs and paying in books, and the book-keeping has fallen behind as a consequence.

We now recommend that you submit to your branch members the statements which have been produced for 1984 and 1985 as being 'a fair and reasonable' account of the financial position of the branch, so that you can start 1986 with a clean slate.

You should note that at the 31st December 1985 the statement indicates that balances held in your three bank accounts total £738.54 whilst at this same date an amount is still due to CPSA HQ of £3,013.39 in respect of an advance for equipment in 1982. Not shown on the statement are amounts due to the branch in respect of unpaid rebate for August and November 1985 totalling £2,639.38.
Audit 1984 and 1965

The books, vouchers and other documents supplied have been examined and the following observations have been made in accordance with the notes and guidance to Branch Auditors shown an the reverse of the annual accounting statement. Where appropriate, the recommendations are for future guidance.

1. Subscriptions. No summaries appear to have been kept of individual subscriptions collected from or refunded to members and there are no details of arrears. These should be prepared and submitted to HQ together with any monies outstanding and an ongoing record maintained.

2. Bank Statements. Recommend that all amounts shown on cheque stubs and paying in books are entered and agreed, and bank statements are reconciled to branch cash book periodically.

3. Cash Book entries. 1) Auditors are required to ensure that a signed receipt should be available for each item". In examining your books and vouchers it has been noted that in excess of 30% of vouchers are entries which do not comply with this requirement.
e.g. Voucher 15 Madeira House (Deposit) £140
39 CPSA Northern Region £150
105 Union Travel £341
240 British Rail £380

All of these transactions should be supported by some letail of the purpose of the expenditure together with an autharising signature. In th. case of personal expenditure it is recommended that a star4axd CPSA expense form is used to account properly for the expenditure cLaimed and in every case this should be authorised by a competent branch official. Cheque signatorios should refuse to sign cheques far any claim that is not properly substantiated by a properly signed and authorised claim form.

4. Cash Book entries. (2) Auditors are required if necessary to obtain from the Treasurer the authority of the Branch Committee or the general membership for any payment".

We are particularly concerned that branch funds are used for both cashing cheques and for running an imprest and I.O.U. system for officers and members. With the limited funds available in the branch and the bank charges which ensue from such a policy it is unwise to place your funds at risk by making such Loans and advances. We have already written to you concerning balances apparently outstanding at the end of 1984 and the position had deteriorated in 1985, we have not seen any information to show that accounts outstanding can be recovered and would strongly recommend that all steps are taken to recover any money now due and to discontinue this practice. Will you please give an assurance in particular that payments made to Broad Left and Broad Left Organising Committee are recovered immediately because or the serious legal implications of these payments.

5. Branch Committee Meetings. It is recommended that at all future meetings or at other regular intervals, your Treasurer presents the books of the branch together with a reconciliation with the bank statement.

6. Bank Accounts etc. We note that Diary money collected in 1985 was not credited to the Branch bank account and that payment for Diaries made to CPSA HQ was made by a member. We also note that income received in respect of photocopying was used in settling claims for attendance at SEC meetings and for other sundry purposes. It is recommended that in every case all receipts of whatever nature are made to your Treasurer who will assume responsibility for all payments which can then be property recorded.


Enclosed are draft financial statements for 1984 and 1985; which Wave been agreed with the Branch Treasurer and which he is required to sign; the audit clearance of these is subject to your response to the various points raised in this letter and your general endorsement of the accounts as presented. If we can have your early reply this will enable you to present the audited statement to your members and it will be possible to release outstanding rebates.

One of the important elements of expenditure and income in the branch accounts are transactions which have been allocated to the shiftworkers dispute. As you know the matter has to be reported to the Finance Committee. Copies of this letter and the statements for 1984 and 1985 will be issued to the Committee and also to the Strike Auditors, Thompson Levett & Co. it may be that the branch will wish to make a claim on the Fighting Fund for part of this expenditure, but claims will need to be submitted to the National Disputes Committee with supporting vouchers to recover any such claim.

Finally, your schedule of repayments in respect of the fig advance of £3,013.39 has not been implemented and it is suggested that you start to make restitution of this amount during the course of this year. In order to accomplish this we shall make deductions of £376.67 from each of the next eight quarter's rebate payments.

Please telephone me if I can help you with any queries regarding the accounts and, as agreed, I will arrange to come to the branch shortly to discuss the matter and set up your new Treasurer with the books for 1986.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Laister
Assistant Finance Officer



Probable SP
Terry Ainsworth J.Iscariot Harold Wilson
John Billouin H. Belafonte D. Steel
Ron Beresford Workers Collective Johnny Walker
Riki Wigley Fullers Brewery CAMRA
Barry Reamsbottom Biffo the Bear D. C. Thompson
Peter Desmond-Thomas P. Womersley Jeremy Thorpe
Pat Womersley Ananias Ken Richards
John Macreadie L. D. Bronstein E. Grant
Frank Pemberton D. Owen W. Gladstone
Veronica Bayne M. Duggan S. McLennan


1) A late finisher who has rails advantage
2) Puts in his bid but very often falls, running into the fence

3) Has good local knowlege, may justify favouritism
4) Just a puppy - worth noting for future years
5) Held back by thoughts of sick mother in far off land
6) Disqualified! Owner not sure if dog or bitch
7) Occasionally flatters, looks as if she could win, then turns to bite other dogs
8) Disqualified! Papers not in order for this race
9) Unlikely - tends to run in two directions at once
10) Often underrated bitch that finishes strongly; needs watching



"What do you call someone who undercuts the going rate?" FRANK SMITH
"A scab?" ROY LEWIS
"No, a Broad Left member!" FRANK SMITH