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By our Vatican Correspondent

In his gruelling five day tour of Britain there is no doubt that Pope Kevin, head of the Militant Church, has won the hearts of the British people. I followed him through every step of his pastoral visit, and in every corner of the country he was met by flag-waving cheering crowds. The great thing about Pope Kevin is his humanity, and it is the little touches of kindness that we will all remember. At one DHSS office in South East London that he visited, he stopped briefly at the Trade Union Side Office and blessed an elderly hack, who fell gratefully at his feet and asked Pope Kevin not to forget him when the nominations for the Civil Service Standing Orders came up later in the year. The Pope smiled knowingly.

His itinerary took him to every part of Britain, but his first duty on arrival was to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Balham, where he prayed at the tomb of St. Sean O'Brien. Here he met leaders of the Catholic Church; Cardinal Pat Byrne, Archbishop Steve Ashworth and Cardinal John Macreadie.

In a moving ceremony, he led a service in remembrance of Father Steve Dunk, the famous Militant martyr who is soon to be canonised. Later in the day his schedule took him to Nightingale Cathedral, the highlight of the tour, where he met leaders of other churches at an ecumenical gathering designed to bring together all factions of the Broad Left Church. He prayed with Archbishop Coltman at the spot where St. Walter à Damson had been stabbed in the back. Preaching later at a joint service, Pope Kevin warned those present against the twin evils of “Stalinism” and “Feminism” which he said were deviant dogmas that were leading the faithful astray from the Broad Left Church.

The next part of his tour led him to Scotland, where he was met at one point by an angry mob of Orangemen, supporters of the Reverend Stewart Maclennan, who waved banners and called for the introduction of a sliding scale of Hail Marys. However, there were more peaceful scenes later when Kevin met Steve Cardownie, the Moderator of the Church of Scotland, who has long been an outspoken critic of Pope Kevin and the Militant Church, but who now seems to have changed his mind. Speaking to me a little while after his audience with Kevin, Steve said that he felt that some sort of “deal” could now be worked out.

The following day he went to Newcastle, where he attended a special meeting of the Geordie community, and was able to address them in their own language. The crowds were so dense at one point that the Pope's personal bodyguard, Monsignor Paul Cooper, had to intervene to protect his master's safety. Later he met members of an enclosed order of nuns and monks known as Daylight, including their Mother Superior Katyl O'Sinska and Abbot John Ellis. The order had to be given a special dispensation to come out of their seclusion into the real world. He also held a special mass at St. Bill Kendall's Church for the sick and dying, where he took Eucharist with a number of terminal alcoholics, including Pastor Ray Alderson, Monsignor Charles Elliott SJ, and the Very Irreverent Clive Bush.

And now that the Pope has returned to his wife and kids at his modest Tyneside house, speculation is mounting as to the value of his visit. The results of the ecumenical meetings designed to strengthen the unity of the Broad Left church will not be known until November or December, when a national conference is due to be held. Even this is the subject of dispute between the churches however, as the Militant church is believed to favour Newcastle as a venue, while the Trotestant Churches favour London. So will lasting Broad Left unity come about as a result of the visit? Or will the age-old division of the Militant church, which some claim is dogma-ridden and monolithic, from the other churches be an unbridgeable gap, even for a man of Pope Kevin's character. Only time will tell.




It hasn't taken long for the DAYLIES Group to recover from its temporary setback at Brighton. While NODDY and McHugh lord in their penthouse suite in TOOTING, oblivious to the doom awaiting them, CHARLIE IDIOT's hands have not been idle. Flattering articles in the NEWS OF THE WORLD (30th May) and the TIMES (31st May) are preparing the grounds for the battle of the century in the COURTS, to reverse the election results. IDIOT however, needs not only to force new elections, but prevent Mrs LOSINSKA from being nominated as DAYLIES Presidential hope in his place next year. Doubtless this explains the curious meeting held on 18th MAY in John ELLIS's office. All his friends were there, MIKE MAXFIELD, RALPH GROVES and BARRY REAMSBOTTOM to launch the new PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATIC GROUP. With the laudable aim of ensuring the correct promotion of the interests of the membership and full-time officers, the hapless REAGAN had been permitted to observe the conclave on behalf of Mrs WARWICK, whose application to join was turned down by the resolute ELLIS on the grounds that she was not `progressive' enough to join. Young REAMSBOTTOM also made it clear that while all would be welcome, certain undesirables such as Mrs LOSINSKA and Mrs CHAMBERS would not be invited to join. The leader of this one dark spot in our existence? Why,none other than Mr IDIOT! By the way, if you have not yet received your invitation, the next meeting is scheduled for Monday 7th June,at 7.00 p.m. at Barry REAMSBOTTOM'S flat, I56 Bedford Hill, Londor. SW12.
NODDY, though drunk with success, has not been dazzled by the Bright Lights of LONDON TOWN, the metropolis he detests. Not content with banning the drinking of alcohol at NEC meetings, his first RULING at the Brighton NEC, he has now decried that no alcohol should be consumed on the premises of the three HQ. buildings. Leaving ALDERSON in cataphonic shock and considerable dismay. Amongst the other BORED LEFT alcoholics, the hardest hit has been CLIVE BUSH, who has to consume vast amounts of strong spirit on medical grounds.


Unity, Freedom, Socialism

1. Will the two agents who successfully penetrated the Brighton RED FESTIVAL and exposed the grovelling attendance contact the PFLCPSA at once for their free badges and their new assignment.

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It is well known that a variety of Employers' organisations, Aims of Industry, Economic League and Industrial Research and Information Services to name but three, have operated at the behest of the boss class and their lackeys in the labour movement.
Under the veneer of providing `services' to employers of a legitimate nature - anti-nationalisation propaganda, anti-socialist tracts and arguments in favour of `private enterprise' or `freedom' as it is known in United States ruling circles, they have been long accused of a more sinister role.

This is the notorious blacklisting through which active trade unionists can be prevented from re-surfacing after resigning or being sacked.

All the above outfits of course deny any hand in this seedy sort of work, more appropriate to the detective agency than any prestige organisation. It should be said that there is nothing illegal in this practice. The boss has no interest in the views of an employee providing that he does as he's told. What he is averse to is the employment by his firm of `agitators' who could disrupt an otherwise tame workforce.

This is how the blacklist works. The names are not culled from Left-Wing periodicals - they are indexed, but merely for more public purposes such as interventions and publicity in Trade Union elections. To get entered on a blacklist, and several Employer Organisations provide this service, you have to have been submitted by your own Personnel Dept., which you have just left for a well earned rest after bringing them to their knees, or which has justly sacked you after endless provocations.

Retained on their records, should you then apply to a firm with a subscription to one of these outfits, that Personnel Dept. will should it decide to employ you ring a particular number (this is not the listed telephone number of the organisation) and read out the applicants name. The answer is simply `YES' or `NO'. If negative you are then informed that `regretfully etc'. Simple. Nothing slanderous is ever uttered. You have to have been ousted from a subscribing company and then apply to another company who also retains the services of such an agency to come up against the blacklist.

In times of full employment, which some of our older readers may remember, the blacklist used to force skilled men who had crossed the boss into changing their name or trade to get work. Now, it's somewhat academic with three to four million out of work anyway.
However, readers may be interested in the public drivel punted out to all and sundry. Today the spotlight is on our dear friends at Industrial Research and Information Services Ltd., (IRIS) which has been penetrated by PFLCPSA operatives for over the past three years.

It has shown quite an interest in the affairs of the CPSA. March's back page of IRIS NEWS was entirely devoted to the General Secretary stakes and there are some minor points about us in May's. In the main, it serves as an echo for Sir John Boyd's (AUEW) boring comments on the Universe, but that's not surprising as they probably wrote them in the first place.
So, see for yourself below.

The invasion of the Falklands by the Argentinians was an opportunity taken when the military Junta thought that Britain no longer had the will or the resources to retaliate. This, is would appear, was a serious miscalculation though, there is not much doubt, it was a near thing considering the proposed run down of our naval capacity.

It has been said that the spark or incident which creates the armed aggression or a revolution has no effect without many decades of preparatory propaganda, agitation or sense of injustice. Within the British Labour Movement there have always been advocates of revolution, of the violent overthrow of “capitalist” society, as the only way of freeing the working class from bondage.

Such advocates have had little support and on the whole have devoted themselves to fighting each other and pouring scorn on those who did not support them. Such scorn was particularly directed at both the Trade Unions and the Labour Party.

In recent years however an increasing number of those who support “revolutionary” as opposed to “evolutionary” progress for the Labour Movement have been joining the Labour Party and also becoming increasingly active in certain Unions. Such revolutionaries are prepared to bide their time; to await the opportune moment for the adoption of their policies and candidates. The fact that they are virtually full time activists helps considerably. They think nothing of attending meetings every night, sometimes two a night, whilst the ordinary trade unionist or Labour supporter has to be very interested indeed to attend a meeting every month.

If the revolutionary activists were simply individuals then they would not be a problem. As however their activities are linked and coordinated they are able to exploit the poor attendances at important meetings to their own advantage. The ordinary member being completely unaware of what he is actually up against. It was because of this that the AUEW delegates to National Committee supported a resolution calling for the re-introduction of the list of proscribed organisations which was removed about 10 years ago.

Sir John Boyd said; “This resolution is intended to be divisive - to separate the democratic socialists in the Party from those who have infiltrated it.”

There is another reason a major effort needs to be made to change the present trend within the Labour Party. A recent MORI poll found that Labour was losing ground amongst trade union members. In 1979, whilst only 51 per cent of trade unionists supported Labour the poll records that the support is now only 40 per cent. An all time low.

Whilst the support amongst skilled workers for the Conservatives in 1979 has been has been halved the support has not returned to Labour.

The attempt by the AUEW to halt this trend deserves support. Without such support the long term prospects of Labour representing British workers will be very slender indeed.

With the imposition of Military rule in Poland particularly in mind, Stefan Troyanski, a political scientist living in Munich, has written a monograph “The Strongest Ally” Foreign Affairs Pub. Co., 139 Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AA £3.00.

The author describes vividly how the anti-human and irrational creed of Marxism-Leninism has become spiritually, morally, politically and economically bankrupt. He argues that West instead of propping up this rotten edifice ought to be assisting the enslaved peoples in the Communist countries to attain self-determination and human rights.

In an interview published in the Morning Star after taking over as NUM President Arthur Scar-gill has listed his four aims.

“He wants to win a secure future for the industry based on increasing production to at least 200 million tonnes a year.”

This would help in his second aim of preserving jobs as well as his third aim of winning terms and conditions for miners which are both a reflection of the arduous job and on a par with the Industry around the world.

Finally, he would like to argue the case for bringing all the energy industry - except the nuclear industry - together under one union, an energy union.

This energy union would take in workers in the electricity, gas and oil industry as well as miners. He went on to explain: “An energy union would not only give us enormous power in every sense of the word but we would be better able to plan for our fuel requirements and give Britain a real energy policy."

In his interview he made his position as President clear: “I will refuse to accept any move to violate a national conference decision - because it is contrary to the rules.”
The Interviewer, David Whitfield makes the point; “For Scargill, expanding democracy within the NUM is making conference decisions sacrosanct.”

“Any correction to the course of the West's Eastern policies, even by something like 90 degrees, would be welcome, but it would make little change to the final outcome in the duel between East and West. An ultimate disaster can only be averted by a complete turn of 180 degrees. Such a turn requires nothing less than the total abandonment and reversal of the three main principles which have hitherto governed relations between the two camps. This vital reorientation demands:

“1. Renouncing all disarmament agreements with the Communist powers.
“2. Abandoning detente as a sacrosanct principle, and
“3. Comprehensively restricting East-West trade and technology transfer with a view to an ultimate total trade embargo."

“A totalitarian great power cannot be stopped by appeasement, by hesitation or by half-measures, but only by firmness backed by a spiritual counter-attack. If Western nations do not choose to abandon detente as a political absolute, they will effectively have chosen victory for world revolution…..

“The free nations are fighting a losing battle for as long as the fail to base their foreign policies on a strategy for overpowering Communism - without war - and avow their total allegiance to open, offensive and consistent anti-Communism. The convergence theory is a dangerous myth and stands in the way of formulating a strategy for a Western victory.”

The possibility that Wages Councils, after an existence of 73 years, may be reviewed has resulted in the TUC calling a meeting of all Unions involved in such Councils.

About 2,750,000 workers have their pay fixed by the 27 Councils still in existence. They have had a letter from Michael Alison, Minister of State at the Department of Employment that when fixing wage rates they should take into consideration that the pay of young people is too high.

(Extract from IRIS NEWS May 82 - hate propaganda against Poland. Ed)


Part Two of the Sensational New Story

by Roxanna d'Lisle

(The story so far...'L', a one-time Polish flying ace and latter-day crockery salesman, has been dispatched in his old Lancaster to deliver a much needed gift-to his resisting countrymen. Only his bride's plea that he obtain a receipt disturbs his thoughts.

Now Read On...........................................!
A touch on the rudder, the merest murmur of a twitch to the joystick. Somehow, in some mysterious Proustian way, all of `L's' old skills had come flooding back. The years had rolled away like tiny beads of quicksilver from a polished plate.

Altitude 46 feet, just under the radar yet low enough to wave the poor thin barley in the tiny peasant fields below. How he had remembered those fields from his childhood and what miracles had Mother Church and, now, Rural Solidarity, done to protect them from the ravages of collectivization and so-called `progress'.

Half-a-mile ahead a gleam from a torch suddenly pierced the darkness,almost like the first flash of dawn that could not now be far behind 'L's' legendary skills as a navigator had not failed him.

An almost imperceptible bump and `L' had made the perfect three-point landing that had always been his trademark. 'You can tell who's flying that kite without even looking at her markings', they had said in the mess those many years ago. 'L' felt a hard lump of pride in his throat as he thought of their words, and permitted himself a brief, near-soundless and solitary laugh.

Another momentary flash from the torch then, barely visible against the darkling sky, the silhouette of an ancient, bowed peasant moving stealthily towards the fuselage.

`Pan `L', you have come, you have come', he wheezed, falling to his knees amidst a flood of joy-filled tears. 'Yes, l have come, good old man and I have brought with me that which Count `R' and Poland must have'.

A silent, single tear coursed down `L's' shop-worn cheek. He wanted to say more, he had to say more. He had to know why his gift of love must be receipted but, before the words could form the field was suffused in the glare of floodlights.

(Can the old peasant be a traitor? Have the merciless militia discovered `L's' mission of trust?
Read our next thrilling and passion-filled instalment.. DEATH OF A DIRECTOR)





by Maj. Brian d'Amage S.I.S.

As you can imagine, it has been a hectic couple of months over here at Century House. There was l, looking forward to a spot of leave in the South of France, following the success of our operation at CPSA Conference, when all hell broke loose and I'm having to brush up my Spanish. Not only that, but my knighthood is looking remoter than ever, with the motives of the operation now put in question. It took us a year to swing it. Those endless arguments, proving that a Broad Left victory would guarantee industrial peace in the Civil Service for a year, and that no-one could be more anti-Soy than Kevin Roddy.
It took some convincing, mark you, as the Director-General could not believe the fact that there has never been one civil service national dispute when the Broad Left have been in power, and it required a full paper from Research pointing out the grim alternative, a Union covering the entire civil service dominated by the CIA and the Social Democrats to finally convince him of the necessity of the operation.

The rest was a doddle, a few judicious words on the telephone and before you could blink Roddy was on Nationwide. Fully expecting the magnum I sat back only to be told that the CPSA is now a low priority and we've to scout around looking for Argentinian sympathisers. The endless hours trying to explain to Security that the Civil Service does not employ Argentinian nationals, that Goa is not a province of the Argentine or that Maltese and Gibraltarian employees should not be automatically classed as potential undesirables. Why, if Security had their way, anyone who could dance the fucking tango would have been rounded up.

To cap it all, it seems that hostilities may be of' a prolonged nature, and the pacifistic tendencies of the said Roddy are believed to now outweigh the advantage of putting him in in the first place. I've now got to reverse the whole procedure and get him and his allies out, and quickly as there's an election in the offing. It's enough to turn one to drink so I think I'll toddle down to the Crown and Cushion now.
I'll see you soon.