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William Lewis - the man who will save us from Trots

Between elections, Bill (Leigh's cousin - also a good friend), keeps a low profile. Following the last elections, Bill left his job at Centurion Press, and Leigh kindly got him a job in the DWP. Having earned lots of money on detached duty and overtime covering the jobs that idle Trotskyite troublemakers were skiving out of and meeting up with Moderati comrades, he asked us if he could be of assistance during the elections. "Of course," we said, "have a phone round and email your friends."

It seems that Bill has emailed half the UK telling them that he's going to vote Moderati. Such selfless dedication to duty should not go unreported. If you receive one of these Emails AND you are a paid up member of PCS, please forward it to bunter@moderates.org.uk with the subject line "more sticky buns please, Matron!" (which is code for "I agree, I will be voting Moderati too.").

We're sorry to be secretive - Bill has had to set up an anonymous web based email account - but the Wreckers in our midst would only try to stop us (typically undemocratic) from getting the truth out about the Commie wastrels who spent, spent, spent the money set aside for fact-finding overseas visits to our American friends.




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