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An innocuous little item in the October issue of Red Tape shows that Allah Stair Gray - Ham, DGS (Deputy Grand Sultan) and dreaded executioner of all dissidents in the Nightingale Lane junta, is still up to his old tricks. Under the misleading title "Partners in Portugal", the article starts off "CPSA has a long history of helping trade unions in all parts of the world", which may came as something of a surprise to many CPSA members, especially those who remember the recent right wing moves to have the CPSA disaffiliated from the Chile Solidarity Campaign in spite of appeals from the Chilean trade union organisation CUT.

The article goes on to explain how Allah, under the auspices of the infamous Public Services International (PSI), known more usually as Public Spying Inc., (whose connection with and receipt of funds from American right-wing and CIA front organisations such as the Transatlantic Alliance is widely documented), visited Lisbon to assist in the establishment of the Sindicato dos Trabalhadores da Administracao Publica (SINTAP), a public service workers union.

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But this visit to Lisbon was not undertaken out of any public-spiritedness. The aforementioned PSI have spent five years trying to smash the Portuguese TUC, known as Intersyndical, which Allah dismisses as "dominated by the Communists" (In fact Iintersyndical is to the right of the British Labour Party). The money and assistance pouring in from PSI has finally borne fruit with the establishment of a rival TUC to the Intersyndical, the UGT, which is Catholic based and rigidly right wing. SINTAP, which Allah is so proud of helping to set up is the public sector wing of' the UGT. The Intersyndical still controls the mass support of trade unionists in Portugal and no European trade union has recognised the UGT as representing Portuguese workers. However, it is "help" such as that being given by CPSA to the right wing UGT that could fragment the Portuguese trade union movement for years to come. No doubt the men in dark glasses at Langley, Virginia, are hoping for just that result. The Deputy Grand Sultan is 92.

Meanwhile, all is not well in the Southern Assembly of Departmental Branches, that little-known amorphous mass of governmental fringe bodies. The SADB has been traditionally controlled by the Daylight group, having indeed been almost stupefyingly subservient to the whims of the aforesaid group. Unfortunately the right suffered a crashing defeat at the May election of SADB officers and the crank-ridden "Independent" faction took every post except that of Chair, which was narrowly retained by La Lozenge herself. This naturally was not to the liking of the right, and odd things began happening. The officers of the SADB democratically agreed to hold the September 1980 meeting of the SADB in Winchester. However, it appears that La Lozenge overrode their decision and ordered a hotel in Southampton to be booked. The officers reaffirmed the hotel in Winchester and paid for the meeting. From then on, we must descend to rumour and hearsay, for a wall of silence descends. Anyway, the meeting did take place in Southampton, with some very strong words being spoken about the behaviour of Madam Chairman, and Presidential Rulings flying about like nobody's business. The accounts of the Assembly were frozen and the Treasurer relieved of the SADB chequebook. There are also rumours that the entire officer corps of the SADB has been relieved of their duties and control of the SADB being handed to the full timer and Madam. There are now stories circulating to the effect that Cliff Smith, the chubby Assembly Organiser is being investigated by an NEC sub-committee on unspecified charges, though these would probably relate to Rule 23, the Rule on discipline. The whole business remains unresolved, but leaves a very sour taste in the mouth. It should certainly be a lesson to the naive "Independent" faction, who had hoped to gain credibility by playing the left off against the right. CPSA politics is a lion's den which they have entered to their cost.

Meanwhile, all is not well in the Northern Assembly of Departmental Branches, that little-known amorphous mass of governmental fringe bodies. The NADB has been traditionally controlled by an alliance of Trotskyists, having indeed been almost stupefyingly subservient to the whims of the aforesaid political doctrine. Unfortunately the Trots suffered a crashing defeat at the May election of NADB officers, with an alliance of anarchists gaining the ascendancy. This naturally was not to the liking of the Trots and odd things began happening. An NADB School bad been agreed upon, and a recent officers meeting had to decide on lecturers. Not surprisingly, the two Trots left on the officer corps, one Mike McGrath (who has no previous record in the PFLCPSA files) and a Mr Steve Cardownie (known to female delegates of the NADB as "The Kiss" or is it The Piss?) proposed that the lecturers at the Assembly school be Mike McGrath and Steve Cardownie. When the anarchists objected to this blatant manoeuvering, another lecturer was added to the list: one Stephen Corbishley, not unknown to the Aims of Industry Blacklist and a virulent Trot. With their dark aims being consistently thwarted, the Trots have now turned to knife-in-the-back politics. They have issued disturbing threats that they will "get rid" of these dissidents. One officer has been singled out for special attention; former SWP bootgirl Kate Byrne, now turned anarch, of whom the bearded McGrath was heard to mutter, "We can no longer trust her". Meanwhile, the Trots have been plotting further, and more fireworks can be expected at the next Assembly meeting, scheduled for December. Our Slander Correspondent writes: it is a pity that the Trots are not prepared to put down in writing some of their more exaggerated claims about the other officers - Lawfords seem to be a bit short of work these days. Duncan Hallas is 14.


While the Daydreams ruling faction plough on determinedly, hell-bent on smashing all semblance of democracy in CPSA, the two Left groups, The National Progressive Front (Broad Left) and Redder Jape (the rank and file droop) are indulging in furious faction fighting.

In the National Progressive Front all eyes are focussed on Broad Left National Conference, due to take place in Leeds on 8th and 9th November. Each of the four factions, The Commissar Party, Mutant Tendency, Labour Leftovers and the Socialist Carcass, are determined to get their placemen elected onto the official "slate". Leading the punters' interest is the Presidential stakes, with the usual tussle between Kevin Rodent of Mutant and Pater (sic) Clotman of the Commissars. A surprise decision by the Carcass not to back ageing hack Clotman but to abstain is certain to give Rodent the candidature on a plate, with his own faction and most of the Labour Leftover swinging behind him.

In Redder Jape however, whose Conference takes place on 25th October, no such power struggle is likely. The SWP Civil Service Fraction has already decided to put up Brixton starlet Phil Cordell and the RT Conference will be expected to rubber-stamp this decision.

Meanwhile the Daylies faction has held their genteel Conference (or AGM as it is known) in a Nottingham hotel: their NEC slate is almost identical to the 1980 list.


Fact: The Commissar Party in CPSA recently circulated a document revealing details of the proposed new Facilities Agreement sell-out. The document was frontispieced with a logo and a blurb which proclaimed the whole document as a great scoop for the Commissars.

Fact: The Facilities Agreement document was actually first circulated by the PFLCPSA, and it was only about a month after the PFLCPSA distribution had been completed that the Commissar Party issued it. What appears to have happened is that a PFLCPSA copy fell into the hands of a Commissar, who then removed the PFLCPSA front cover, logo and blurb, and substituted the CP's own script: it was then sent to a large number of CPSA branches at great expense as a CP exclusive.


The CPSA Islamic Left, embattled in the front lines of the Gulf War in the streets of Khorramshahr, have taken the time and trouble to send a message of solidarity to all the operatives of the Popular Front. The text is reprinted below. Read it - it will bring tears of joy to your eyes and a lump to your throat-

The Popular Front for the Liberation of the C.P.S.A. is a democratic and open organisation which supports no political faction but fights to expose manoeuvering and hypocrisy wherever they occur and from whichever clique. We also fight for the following list of demands:

* Replacement of the NEC with a Revolutionary Command Council.
* Full support for the Islamic Left.
* For the abolition of all forms of ballotting and its replacement by the Popular Will of the Masses.
* Annual Conference to be held in Beirut.
* End the stranglehold of the Catholic Action Group.

Further information about the PFLCPSA, membership application forms, back copies of communiqués and leaflets are available from the following address:

PFLCPSA 61 Rathcoole Avenue Hornsey London N8