O.K.! This really is our strong point!

We give you - gratis and completely free of charge! - an attractive diary every year which is crammed with vital telephone numbers and details about us. Wow!

We also run a sort of cheap travel club which anyone worth their salt could surpass by befriending an airline staff member and inveigling them into making them a member of their "friends and family" club.

Of course, if our members get into hot water, we just don't stand by and watch them suffer - we have been known to go so far as to counsel them to join a real union which is willing to get involved. That way, we save a fortune in costs and it enables us to stay competitive and to concentrate on our real aim of self-aggrandisement.

Yep! You will see us a lot on TV socking it to those pesky aliens! Sometimes we even get hauled over the coals for revealing facts which the Heavenly Organism has communicated to us on a confidential basis and which they consider "privileged information". Tcha!

The ISU.