Hi there! We are glad to announce the inauguration of the official website of the Intergalactic Space-Cadets Union!

When we say "union", of course, we really mean in-house staff association because the word "union" is pretty offensive to some of our members and we had a big fight to have that word in our title when we were first set up.

We all work for the H.O.( Heavenly Organism ), the supreme being which recruited us from the ranks of the unemployed and which imbued us with its own unique mentality which enables us to conduct a war against the enemy - the aliens who are constantly trying to invade our space quadrant.

We hope to give you information about our union in the hope that you too will undergo a road-to-Damascus conversion ( which, we are told by psychologists, often accompanies brain death or major brain trauma ) and throw your lot in with us, wherever we are heading...

If you click on the graphics on the left ( we would have preferred the right, naturally, but there are conventions and all these web people are trendy lefties! ) we will tell you all about our organisation, our benefits, our policies and our membership services. Please keep an open mind.

The ISU.